Access Control




Facilities security is only as good as its weakest link! Read on to find out where that link might be.


 The technology of electronic access and identity security has long replaced physical keys for many because it is an effective, fully monitored flexible system providing instant access records.

However, founded on a wireless exchange between the Access/ID card and the ‘reader’, it does leave a very significant weakness in your security efforts!

The access card carries a Radio Frequency Identification chip (known as RFID). This responds automatically to a signal sent out by the door reader once within range. The chip then gives out the encrypted access code, the door reader recognizes the code and unlocks. Simple and effective.



As easy as 1..2..3

As simple and effective as the RFID access card system is, so too is it just as simple and effective for criminals to gain access to your place of work, storage facilities, universities, headquarters or anywhere RFID access control systems are used.

Webdisc 1

Criminal scans the access card

using a cloning device.

Webdisc 1

Card gets cloned in seconds.

Webdisc 1

Access granted with an exact copy

of the scanned access card.

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